5 Best Novels Of All Time

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And, first and foremost, acknowledging that the past few years have been challenging, mentally straining, and ethically compromised, but at the very least, they have been occupied by some wonderful good writing. We’ll take our silver linings where we can. There here are the 5 best novels of all time on which you can rely on.

The power of these novels of all time is innate. They can fascinate and challenge us in various ways, from creating new worlds to reviving history. However, their most compelling feature is that they provide an escape while also challenging readers to think critically, combining amusement and contemplation into one experience.

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It isn’t easy to write a page-turner to produce fiction that gives the world a new perspective and purpose. Only the best writers can do both in a single piece, but the 2010s delivered several works that will go down in history as propulsive and deep, moving and eternal.

Since The Hunger Games trilogy’s final installation and the famous “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green at the start of the decade, Multiple high-quality stories have been published that every book reader is a must.

So, as fellow readers and authors ourselves, it is our duty and immense pleasure to introduce some of these gem novels of all time of the past decade. 

Bear in mind; This list can not cover every single great work, as if somebody could read every book ever written, they might end up with too much knowledge, like the woman in Indiana Jones 4’s final scenes.

5 Best Novels Of All Time


best novels of all time

A Visit From the Goon Squad showed us how much deep and refined Jennifer Egan’s skill in bending time, form, and genre that are too, keeping her story as entertaining and thought-provoking as possible. It showed how peoples’ lives are intertwined with each other even in profound and enduring ways, so much so that those people don’t realize it. One of the best novels of all time.

In one chapter, with the help of a B-list actress named Kitty Jackson, a former PR hotshot named Dolly is entrusted with rehabilitating the public image of an African dictator known as “The General.” Kitty’s task is to pose with The General for a photograph, but she asks too many questions about a holocaust and is imprisoned. It turns out that The General’s regime becomes a democracy, Kitty is set free, and Dolly establishes a sandwich business months later. This section of Egan’s polyphonic, humorous, and often moving book captures some of her satire’s recurring themes.

This novel features a vast cast of characters and takes place between the late 1970s and the early 2020s, shifts in time are always jarring—they can destroy the body, corrupt memory, and blur processes of change.

 The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt– Best Novels Of All Time

best novels of all time

If you haven’t yet read The Goldfinch, do yourself a favor and start there. This 2013 release was adapted in 2019, but despite the star-studded cast and stunning visuals, critics received mixed reviews. The film’s primary flaw is that it couldn’t do in 2.5 hours what Tartt accomplishes in 780 pages. In the novel, what felt superficial and unjustified in the picture is developed to its full potential. It takes a long time to read “The Goldfinch,” but it is well worth the effort. By the final page, readers have said their goodbyes to the characters they have watched grow up and age.

Less by Andrew Sean Greer– Best Novels Of All Time

best novels of all time

Less is the very book you need to heal your soul with laughter. Greer has succeeded in crafting possibly one of the funniest novels of the decade but not shying away from themes like loneliness and despair. In 2018, Less became one of the few satirical books to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Less is about aging, about being gay, about writing and traveling and figuring things out even after you probably already should know them, and it’s hilarious. Surely, one of the best novels of all time.

The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet by David Mitchell– Best Novels Of All Time

best novels of all time

David Mitchell’s epic-historical ghost story, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, is one of the books that for us was a generational book like Harry Potter which everyone will remember those who have read it, but in a different genre with one of the biggest mystery, did the spirit of Robert Louis Stevenson momentarily took possession of Haruki Murakami.

This book reminded us of the very concept of how a novel and its world can be fuller, more vivid than ours, and that It can serve as a breeding ground for the reader’s moral imagination. This book shows a very detailed rendering of an 18th-century Dutch trading post in the port of Nagasaki. It has a very interesting plot with its writing precise and unexpected, all in aid of a story that seems somehow to tell itself, a true history that never quite happened.  

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn– Best Novels Of All Time

best novels of all time

Readers had never met a character quite like Amy Dunne before Gone Girl: provocative, profane, mercurial, and completely capable of giving a monologue for the ages, But unlike other narrators, she isn’t here to give you the truth. It’s a lot easier to assess Gone Girl’s influence now than it was in 2012. The novel’s renowned twist, in which neither Amy nor her husband Nick is who they seem, made it difficult for critics to understand when it was first published.

On the other hand, Gone Girl, one of the best novels of all time has defined a generation of mystery books and produced a slew of sequels, many of which have the words “girl” or “wife” in the title. Unlike many of its imitators, Gone Girl takes seriously difficult concerns about victimhood, femininity, and marriage, all set against the tumultuous background of the Great Recession. Gone Girl has all of the hallmarks of a superb thriller: crackling prose, a real feeling of dread, and vividly sketched characters. On the other hand, Flynn elevates the novel above pulpy tropes, creating a story that is both a keen female critique and a compelling literary achievement.


So dear readers, here are the 5 best novels of all the time that you should surely go through. Make sure to go through these aamzing books and enjoy them thoroughly! Stay tuned for such amazing content only at Auriate Publishing House. By the time Happy Reading.

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5 Best Novels Of All Time

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