About Auriate Publications

A Mumbai Based Self-Publishing Company

We at Auriate ,feel that every single person has an uniqueness to them just like an aurora.Author for us are the one who light up the world brighter than any other. So We give a window to you to show the world that aurora inside of you.

Our staff will assist you in establishing goals, deadlines, and budgets, as well as handling all aspects of your publication, including editing, design, distribution, and marketing, to ensure you achieve the success you deserve.

We are a new and ambitious publishing company, who have a drive to provide you the best services and achieve success , for your success is our success, and we can’t provide anything less than that coming from Mumbai,the City of Succes.

We publish all genres and languages and try our best to get our authors the top opportunities to reach out to the widest possible range of readers.

So JOIN US, and put your faith in us with your dreams, because we will put our heart and soul into them and be the dark night sky for your aurora to shine.

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to drop any questions. We will be back soon to serve you with the best solutions everytime! 

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