10 Books Everyone Should Read In Their Lifetime

The list contains no classic names. The books mentioned below are popular on various online reading platforms. These are written in simple english, quite relatable and enjoyable. Just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

1. My Son’s Teacher by L.J. White

(This taptale is a family drama filled with humour and romance. Just be ready to laugh a lot. This Morris-West series is available on Chapters. )

2. My Nannys Daughter by L.J. White

(This taptale is available on Chapters. It’s a sequel to My son’s Teacher by L.J. White and second book in Morris-West series. The craziness is a lot more than the first book.)

3. Their Broken Hearts by Vrinda B

(Available on Dreame. Though it is a sequel to His Purchased Wife by the same author but can be read as a standalone. The story focuses on the life of Theo and Fiona, how she was purchased to be his wife and eventually suffers betrayal.)

4. All the wrong places by Jerilee Kaye

(Available on Dreame and Chapters. Jerilee Kaye is a Newyork Times bestselling author. The story has love at first sight, separation, drama and never-ending love.)

5. His Lost Love by SwaRam

 (Available on Dreame. This is the journey of Katherine, an orphan and Ashton, a billionaire. They were teen lovers who get married later but comes Callie, Ashton’s best friend to wreak havoc in their lives.) 

6. His Bluemoon Princess by Jenny Fox

(Available on Dreame. A princess by birth but served as a slave for years.The story takes you into the fantasy world of werewolf and witches through Nora Blue who was abused and tortured by her adoptive clan till her teens. Her near death experience gives her an opportunity to escape her miseries and explore her true identity.)

7. The War God’s Favourite by Jenny Fox

(Available on Anystories. This is a story of a war god whose dragon chooses a slave to be his queen. This act became a matter of shock for some and mockery for others. But this slave who looked ordinary defies all odds and proves her worth by becoming the greatest healer of her time.)

8. The Mafia King’s Angel by Shrutz

 (This taptale is available on Chapters. The story is about Anika who was sold to the Mafia King Leonardo by her half-brother and forced to move to Italy. But she’s more than just a part of the deal for the Mafia King.)

9. His Sunshine Baby by Jenny Fox

(Available on Dreame. This is a sequel cum prequel of His Bluemoon Princess by Jenny Fox. This is the second book in the Silver City Series. This book focuses on the journey of Elena and Nathaniel.)

10. The Boy with the Chestnut Brown Hair by Jianna Marie Allison

(Available on Wattpad.This is a love story of Kane and Vino who were high school sweethearts. Separated due to some misunderstandings, they again meet at the reunion some years later. Little Push from friends and some internal juggle was needed for the love to bloom again.)

10 Books Everyone Should Read In Their Lifetime

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