Sum paid to the authors for each copy of book sold.

Yes, our company is self publishing company which provides copyright to the respective authors.

It all depends upon the author. Copyright gives the author the exclusive right.

After the deduction of manufacturing cost of book and delivery cost of book, the amount of profit is distributed in the ratio agreed.

Yes, author will receive their author copies as per agreement.

You can mail us your manuscript on our given mail id. Our team will connect you soon

The price of book is decided by the publication and the author both.

Normally the general size of book is 5.5×8.5 or 6×9. Both can be recommended .

Yes, you are allowed to join any other publishing firm only if you send us mail a week prior to leaving us. After the mail is received and we have provided you the NOC you can leave but before that it would illegal and unethical for you to get your book printed and marketed from any other source.

Yes if the content is updated or enhanced/ changed by any means then you can mail it to us again.

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