How To Write A Book Summary Effectively?- The Easy 5 Steps You Need

how to write a book summary

Writing a book summary is really easy. All you need to do is to consider some of the essential points while doing the same. So, if you are stuck with “How To Write A Book Summary” make sure to take these points into consideration.

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How To Write A Good Summary Of A Book?

Start To Read The Book

It is important to have the correct mindset and environment while reading the book you are summarizing. It is really important to think about each section and not just read through the pages.

When teaching each section of a book to a class or group of peers, you should have the mindset of a teacher. In this way, you can train your brain to remember all of the key points that the author is trying to convey through their words. One of the most basic yet important steps for how to write a book summary.

Take Notes And Highlights- How To Write A Book Summary

Noting important parts of the text and underlining them may make you read slower, but it will help you store the knowledge you read; underlining helps you make your own checklist of what you want to include in your summary.

One thing to keep in mind is that too much underlining or taking notes will just make things more difficult later. While taking notes, distinguish pertinent information from irrelevant information.

Continue To Summarize Overtime 

Another important step for “how to write a book summary” is to continue to summarize over time. One of the best book summarization practices is called Progressive Summarization(PS). Coined by Tiago Forte, the idea is to summarize your notes, and then summarize that summary, then summarize that summary, distilling the ideas into smaller and smaller layers each time.

Bullet The Key Points- How To Write A Book Summary

While this can be accomplished in conjunction with the step of summarizing key points, you will want to make certain that you bullet important points that were mentioned.

As your brain can better comprehend small, important details of information, you won’t simply be surrounded by a wall of text.

Although the key points in each book will be different, a good practice is to bullet the following:

  • Main characters,
  • What action they took
  • and what happened as a result of this action

Additional key points and information that you may want to bullet for how to write a book summary

  • Main or secondary characters that were introduced
  • secondary actions that took
  • any seemingly small “ripples” that have happened, that may have conflicts or solutions later in the text

Write your full summary

Your full summary can now be written now that you have reached this point in your writing process. Following the sections listed above, you will already know the highlights of each section and their detailed explanations in bullet points. As a result, all the information needs to be put together in a manner that makes sense

It’s very important that you don’t ramble and that you give the most important information. It’s not a book you’re writing, it’s a summary of one that has already been written. By using concise, relevant information about the book, you can draw your reader’s attention and provide them with the information they need.

How To Write A Book Summary Effectively?- The Easy 5 Steps You Need

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