List of 5 Successful Authors Who Chose Self-Publishing

Here is the list of the 5 successful authors who solely believe in self publishing. So, if you are still in doubt make sure to have a look at these authors and their life journey.

1. Virginia Woolf:

Adeline Virginia Woolf (25 January 1882 – 28 March 1941) was an English writer who is widely regarded as one of the most influential modernist writers of the twentieth century and a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device.

Woolf started writing professionally in 1900, thanks to her father’s encouragement. Following his passing, the Stephen family relocated from Kensington to Bloomsbury, adopting a more free-spirited way of life. In Bloomsbury, the brothers founded the creative and literary Bloomsbury Group with the help of their intellectual friends.

Virginia married author Leonard Woolf in 1912, and the two collaborated in 1917 to found the Hogarth Press, which published Virginia’s novels as well as works by T.S. Eliot and Laurens van der Post. Many of Woolf’s essays, short stories, and novellas are available online.Many of Woolf’s essays, short stories, and novels that are currently held in such high esteem were printed through this press.

2. Amish Tripathi:

“Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune tellers”-The Immortals of Meluha

Amish Tripathi decided to self-publish his first novel, mythological fantasy The Immortals of Meluha, after being rejected by book publishers more than twenty times. He actively participated in all facets of the publishing process, including marketing aspects, and was successful.Amish’s Shiva trilogy is one of India’s most famous series today.Shiva Trilogy was the fastest-selling book series in Indian publishing history, followed by the Ram Chandra series which was the second fastest selling book series in Indian publishing history.

3. John Locke:

Self-publishing was where John Locke started his career. Every eBook he’s written has been a best-seller on Amazon. He went on to become the first self-published author to sell one million eBooks, making him one of only eight writers in history to achieve such a feat. He is best known for his Donovan Creed series of novels. As the first independently published author to join the “Kindle Million Club,” he etched his name in history.

4. Devika Das

Interview with Devika Das - The Author of Mind Game

You must be really fortunate to experience True Love. You must always cherish this gift ”

Devika Das is an award-winning poet and author with five books to her credit. Devika self-published her first book, 7 Vows of Marriage, on Amazon Kindle in 2016. What started as a hobby at the age of 13 evolved into blogging in 2008, and then into publishing in 2016. Her poetry book titled, Reminiscence has received critical acclaim, and her poems have been published in national dailies and featured in anthologies too.

5. Jane Austen

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.”

 Austen never married, probably because of this belief. She did, however, accept a suitor’s invitation for an evening. She is best known for her novels, all of which focused on the theme of women’s reliance on marriage for social and economic stability. Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and Northanger Abbey were her first three books, which she self-published.We cannot possibly imagine a world without Jane Austen’s works as she was England’s first modern novelist.

List of 5 Successful Authors Who Chose Self-Publishing

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