How do dark characters evolve out of society? Are they kept away from the light? Are they exposed more to the darkness of this world? Do they choose darkness on their own or do people and circumstances compel them to choose it?

Raavan, the king of Lanka, has abducted Lady Sita, wife of the Vishnu Avatar, Ram to avenge his sister’s humiliation. He has put forward a proposal to Sita – either marry him or get tortured until death. Raavan’s own wives and brother condemns his decision as it is against principles and ethics but Raavan is firm in his decision. While Raavan’s family questions his actions, his son Meghnad discovers another side of his father which is contradictory to what he presents to others. Ram ties up with the Vanars and is all set to attack Lanka, Raavan is preparing for the war, while Meghnad is intrigued to know about his father’s past. He has seen that like others, Raavan’s heart grieves, but the reason is unknown. Was he always so ruthless and stone-hearted or did he too once had a heart like others?
Will Meghnad be able to know his father’s past?
“No matter how hard one tries, if fate conspires against them, they can’t do anything.”
Is it the same with Raavan when he tries to be good?
What will happen when Raavan will face the unexpected truth of his past?
Read this imaginative retelling of the most popular villain of Hindu mythology.



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