Reading Mr. Reed

Reading Mr. Reed



When Lacy tries to break off her forced engagement, things take a treacherous turn for the worst. Things seemed not to be going as planned until a mysterious stranger swoops in to save the day. That stranger soon becomes more to her, but how will their relationship work when her fiancé proves to be a nuisance.

Dylan Reed only has one interest: finding the little girl that shared the same foster home as him so that he could protect her from all the vicious wrongs of the world. He gets temporarily sidetracked when he meets Lacy Black. She becomes a damsel in distress when she tries to break off her arranged marriage with Brian Larson, and Dylan swoops in to save her. After Lacy and Dylan’s first encounter, their lives spiral out of control. The only way to get through it is together but will Dylan allow himself to love instead of giving Lacy mixed signals, and will Lacy be able to follow her heart, effectively Reading Mr. Reed?

Reading Mr. Reed
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